Oct 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Consequences of Motherhood

Image via Zazzle

What we lose in memory, we seem to gain in shoe size....

Image Credit: lFlickr/lauratitian

and there is proportionate loss and gain for each additional child.

(Since becoming a mom, I have a smaller memory, bigger feet...and a LOT of love!)


  1. *LMAO* Where can I get one of those mugs? I find that I either repeat, or imagine that I've repeated myself. I'll ask, "Did I just say that?" and turns out I thought it. What's up with that!? And the feet, wish I could blame my feet not fitting in my size sixes these days on my lone child. It's more a matter of not being able to say no to the cheese puffs. o_O

    By the way, you have great-looking kids, Jen! : )

  2. Great post and pics!  Your kids are adorable.  It's true, my feet are bigger since my son and what memory I have, is fading....

  3. Thanks, Tara! The side effects of mothering can be so CRAZY. But it is all worth it!


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