Nov 15, 2011

In Your Dreams: Whoopi Goldberg Stand-Up Routine Remixed

Long before she was on The View, Whoopi Goldberg was an amazing stand-up comedian whose work always made me laugh and THINK. She somehow always had a way of using humor to stop me in my tracks and see things from another perspective. I admire the way she uses humor to make people stop and think, to question the status quo.

In her original Broadway show Whoopi Goldberg: Live on Broadway, she did a piece that really challenges people's perceptions about external appearances. Here is a young man's version of that piece that I found to be very powerful (thanks to my mom for sending it to me!)

If you never had the chance to see Whoopi's stand-up, you can check out one routine here from the revival of her 1985 Broadway show, Back to Broadway (warning: some swear words are used in this routine.)


  1. Wow Jen,
    Thanks sooooo much for sharing this!  The video of the young man doing the Whoopi monologue was awesome!  It brought me to tears and yes! definitely made me think!
    I've always loved Whoopi....

  2. He is pretty amazing. When I first saw it I did not even think that he was acting. He does a really good job! Thanks for commenting, Tara!


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