Dec 18, 2011

Daddy/Daughter Dance Party: A Vlog

A question asked of me in August by the The Parent du Jour was, "How has parenting changed you as an individual?" Part of my response, 
"I used to be pretty goofy, but my husband and children are goofier—and someone needs to play the 'straight man' in our house so that day-to-day necessities get taken care of."
Here is picture proof that I am considerably less goofy than I used to be...

Me...before hubby and kids

Me last week...After 15+ years of marriage and 3 kids
Nowadays, there is no room in my house for any goofiness from me. My hubs and the kids have such extreme silliness that they fill our house with laughter. It's a beautiful sound!  But I don't think I've been taking enough time to soak up that beauty lately. Recently, I realized that I need to remember to laugh with them sometimes, instead of always reminding them to pick up their dirty socks, do their homework, and brush their teeth. 

This weekend I had the chance to really laugh with two of the silliest people I know, my husband and youngest daughter. They're so silly that I have to share! 

Imagine that it is bed time. I'm trying to get my children into bed at a reasonable time because I commute to work, and our mornings start really early. What happens every night at bedtime? An attack of the goofies---led by my husband! (The king of the goofballs!) He is the oldest person in our house, but the youngest at heart. See for yourself in this vlog featuring my hubby and our youngest. (Apologies for the lighting. But honestly, it makes the hubs look even goofier, doesn't it?)

Here's your chance to see what I mean when I say that they are goofy... look out for the move that cracks me up every time I see it--The Sprinkler!


  1. This is adorable! They look like they are having a ball. Love it :)

  2. Thanks, Migdalia! It was so funny to watch them make this video :D 

  3. Goofballs GALORE! Love it. They know how to party. You're so right about how we forget sometimes to enjoy the moment. Between the dirty socks strewn all over the house, Legos that get jammed between my toes, half-eaten cupcakes in hard to reach places, Kleenex in the laundry ... Oh, yeah, "the moment," I forget to easily. Thank you for reminding me to stop and notice. ... Would love to come and hang out with you guys one Friday night. : p

  4. We'd love to hang out--but I have to make sure they pick up the dirty socks, first ;-D I think I forget every day to stop "running the house" and just have fun. Laughter is VERY necessary for mommy's survival! Some day, Ezzy, we'll get together and laugh...

  5. I have a similar happy-go-lucky "before" picture to share from high school, except mine screams "dork." You look great. : D

  6. Thanks, Ezzy! Back then my crazy spiky hair wasn't deemed great by all of my peers ;) and inside I was totally and 100% a dork. I'd love to see your old pics, amiga!

  7. I LOVE IT!  I wanted to join in with them.  LOL  Now that is a fun dad!  I too am always reminding my son to pick up, eat, put clothes in hamper, etc....  This reminder was needed.  These are the times they will remember.  (well my son might remember me constantly telling him to pick up... but I'd rather him remember me acting goofy with him.)
    Great post!

  8. He is such a fun dad! For weeks after seeing this, I couldn't stop myself from breaking into their little dance moves. Fun! Making happy memories is good. Your son will always remember your Angry Birds party, Tara! And that ostrich...LOL! 


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