Dec 24, 2011

Holiday Memories: Weddings, Babies, and Birthdays

First, I wish you all the peace and joy of the season! Whether you celebrate a religious holiday or not, I hope you take the time do some remembering, renewing, and rejoicing in the coming of a new year. Wishing you peace, hope, and love in 2012.

For me, this time of year brings back a lot of family memories...

At the end of December sixteen years ago, the weather in the midwest was a lot like it is this year--unseasonably warm. I was finishing up the final plans for my wedding, trying not to worry about anything but enjoying our special day. Our New Year's Eve didn't just mark the end of the year, it marked the end of being single people. Bobby and I married on January 1st. Next week, we will celebrate 16 years of marriage!

For several years after we married, we celebrated holidays by driving across state lines and visiting relatives on both sides of our family. We brought thoughtful gifts, visited, and had a lot of fun trekking around in our little car with two cats. We always made it home in time for our anniversary--a day to hang out together. It was a fun-filled and carefree time.

After four years of marriage, though, the trek wasn't so easy. I was pregnant with our first child and there was a huge snowstorm. The drive was treacherous (not just because of the snow-covered roads, but because I had to make bathroom stops at least once an hour!) That year was the last year we traveled across state lines to visit both sides of our family on Christmas Day. After our son was born in the spring of 2000, our holidays became more planned and cautious; there is no driving through snowstorms when you have a baby in the car!
First reason to stay home for the holidays!
When baby boy was 10 months old, we found out I was pregnant again. The due date for baby number 2? December 29th.  The family came to us for Christmas that year! On Christmas Day I sat with my feet up, unable to get myself off the couch without assistance. My husband wore a stopwatch around his neck and timed the contractions that had been getting closer and closer together all day. Baby number 2 was trying to make an early appearance! At 11:00PM on Christmas night, we left for the hospital. Several hours later, our first daughter was born. She was definitely the best Christmas gift ever! 
Best Christmas present EVER!

Baby's First Christmas--at 364 days old!
Our Christmases together as a family of four were few....within two years we added another bundle of joy to our family! Born soon after the new year, our second daughter became our best anniversary present ever.

Best Anniversary Gift...Ever!
Heading home from the hospital, for the 3rd time.

This time of year for us is a whirlwind of celebrations:

Celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and remembering our greatest gifts: each other!

Celebrating the Spirit of Giving (what we call Christmas),

believing in the innocence and magic of the season,

and having FUN together!

2011 Holiday Greetings to you from our family!

 Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Hope your season is filled with family, happy memories and love...


  1. Beautiful wedding and family pictures, Jen. Your kids were just as adorable as babies, as they are now. Thank you for sharing your special holiday memories with us. <3 Wishing you a wonderful New Year and anniversary, my friend. : D

  2. Thank you, Ezzy. Happy New Year to you and your family, too! I hope that 2012 is as exciting and filled with positive change as 2011. Enjoy!

  3. I loved this post!  Happy Anniversary! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!  Wow, I know this must be a very busy time for you.  I loved the pictures.  What a gorgeous family!!


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