Jun 3, 2012


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The other day my daughters and I were driving and listening to the radio while eating $1.00 slices of pizza from our local grocery store on the way to a softball game. The radio commentator was talking about how important it is for families to eat together and talk about their day....ooops! My girls asked, "Does eating in the van count? We eat together here a lot!"


It's true. During the school year things are so crazy that we often eat unhealthy and on-the-go.

This is our typical school day grind:

4:20AM My alarm goes off. I drag myself out of bed, pick up the living room, straighten up the kitchen, put in a load of laundry, fold a load of clothes.
5:15 to 5:30 Coffee and email check (this is usually my only down time all day)
5:30 Shower and dress
6:00 -7:00 Wake kids up, make sure they are dressed. Make them breakfast, pack their lunch boxes, hand them their backbacks and get out the door.
7:15 Drop kids off at before school program and commute to work
8:00AM--4:00PM Work work work!
5:00 - 5:15PM Call my son to make sure he is getting ready for _________ (fill in your seasonal sport here.) Pick up daughters from after school program and get them some quick food before ____________ (fill in your dance class or seasonal sport here.)
5:30PM grocery store stop for quick food purchase. I'm not going to lie--the girls and I eat dinner in our van regularly after this quick stop.
5:45PM Home to change clothes, drop off backpacks, pick up gear for sports game/practice/dance
6:00 - 9:00PM Dance, game, practice, whatever. I shuttle and taxi 1-2 kids where they need to go and my husband shuttles the other kid(s). We are two ships that pass in the night, rarely even seeing each other.
9:00PM  Bed time.

The nightly routine changes depending on what extracurricular activity is scheduled, and if I have a meeting, a class, or parent-teacher conferences then my husband handles all of the kid stuff on his own--that's usually once or twice a week.

Weekends aren't usually that much better. Sunday is my only day to study, do homework, and do housework. I set my alarm to wake me up early Sunday morning so that I have time to catch up on reading blogs and write a post of my own, and then it's work all day while my kids either visit their grandma, have a lazy day at home, or run to more sports practices.


We still have a pretty full schedule of summer sports and activities, but I will try to sleep an hour later and see if I can get my family to eat a meal or two together. Maybe I'll even get some exercise in...

How often do you sit to eat dinner with your family? How does your routine change in the summer? If you work all summer, what do you do with your kids? Summer is fun, but the change in routine can be hard for families. What do you do to cope?


  1. During my school year, I rarely cooked as my son, Daniel, was at college, and my daughter, Molly, won't eat anything I make unless it'spizza or hotdogs! So, it's a rude awakening having to cook with him home and now we eat together 3-4 times a week. It's a good thing though!

  2. Picky eaters! It works out that we have HyVee pizza so often because it's one of the few things that Lilli will eat. Go figure! If we end up eating together this summer, who knows if it will all be the same meal...LOL...maybe we'll be eating separate meals at the same table ;-P

  3. Wow...that's a crazy schedule Jen...lol.  Seriously!  I love seeing the pic of Hyvee too!  I keep forgetting that I have a couple of Midwestern bloggers within reach!  Someday we have to get together!  ;)

  4. YES! Chantilly we will have to arrange to get together sometime! HyVee is almost a home away from home sometimes ;-P

  5. Lol...I know the feeling!  ;)  Yes, hopefully this fall we can do a meetup!  :)

  6. I'm exhausted just reading your school schedule! *Wah* I'd be collapsing every night. There's really no time for anything extra but a huge glass of wine before bed. I hope you get to recharge these next few weeks. You need it. Summers are stressful here, but not anything like your school days. Even though we don't have the "homework" worries, there's the shuttling between day camps and coordinating schedules between my husband, myself and my MIL to fill in any coverage gaps. Maybe we'll find some peace in retirement?


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